Defusion / December 2015, İstanbul

DE.Fusion is DECOL’s 4th creation from DE:Konstract series. Interactive Installation ‘DE.Fusion’ exhibited in Contemporary İstanbul 2015- PLUG-IN curation by Ebru Yetiskin.

This installation narrates the sameness of the elements which compose the stars and our bodies. Installation activates itself with an algorithm which recognizes the visitors’ physical volume contained in space&time; then creates an ever changing form with the relations between motion, sound and light. Humankind has been searching the meaning of the celestial bodies for ages with help of astrology, theology, metaphysics and geometry. This seeking process has inspired civilizations in various areas.

In our contemporary world, it is believed that the elements which build human body are came to exist in space, right after The Bing Bang, from the very first stars of the universe and during the supernova explosions.

The patterns of the structure which is in the center of the installation is inspired from the journey of sacred geometry throughout the history and its reflected forms presented in architecture.

DE.Fusion is inspired by the relationship between the stars which are billions of light-year away and by the elements which build up life on the planet earth through living cells. Thus, commodified the historical period of the answers to the questions: how did we come into existence, from where and what, with DE.Fusion.

Artists: Ahmet Said Kaplan, Hazal Döleneken, Mert Uzbaşlı
Coding: Sadettin Bilal Savaş
Management: Nebi Cihan Çankaya
Making of Video: Betül Bilici
Teaser Video: Melih Kundakçıoğlu
Actress: Diğne Altıok

Special Thanks: Amir Ahmadoghlu , Ebru Yetişkin


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