Echoes of Basilica

Sarnıcın Yankıları, Echoes Of Basilica DECOL, 2022, Public Art Installation

Echoes of the Basilica, It is a digital experience made by the partnership of Istanbul Department of Cultural Heritage and DECOL.

DECOL Media Arts Collective produced this work as an immersive, Multi-sensory experience using a combination of different technologies.

DECOL invited the audience to the mythological Argos ship from the Bosphorus to the Black Sea, extending from the presented to the Greek Mythology, centering on the common consciousness of this ancient city, it takes you on a healing journey. ‘’Echoes of the Basilica’’, which began with the restoration of the Basilica Cistern, continues with images of city views, city sounds and water technologies from Istanbul. The work that goes back to the city’s past in the Odyssey epic, Argos ship’s journey from the waters of Marmara to the Black Sea, from Byzantium’s legendary water-bringing works to Ottoman waterways, from Medusa’s love affair with Poseidon which is known as the God of the Sea, to the protective talismanic pillars of Istanbul, and it is partnering its visitors with Medusa and Şahmaran's dance.

Artwork Commission: IBB Heritage
Concept: DECOL Studio and Mahir Polat
Artist: DECOL Studio
Scenario: Nebi Cihan Çankaya (DECOL)
Light and Laser Choreography: DECOL Studio
Creative Technologist: Burak Dirgen
Design & Director: DECOL Studio
Producer: DECOL Studio & FND
Media Design and Motion Graphic Support: Naos Studio
Sound Design and Music: Tilde Studio
Musical Director and Intro Sound Design: Alican Okan
Musical Composition “ Sirens & Argos Ship” Scene: Erdem Tunalı
Vocals Composition and Vocal: Tuğçe Şenoğul
Storyboard Artist: Emre Erdur
Display Technologies: Visio - Vox
Event Technology Support: Phantom Event Engineering
Sound Engineer: Sergen Tertemiz
Documentation Video: Hakan Sarı
Video Assistant: Doğanay Küçükaltan

Thanks to IBB Heritage Team, Emre Aksu, Esra Gülel, Adil Aluç, Pınar Onat, Çağatay Güçlü, İstanbul Kültür AŞ, Tepta Lightning and Hera restoration their support.

Medusa's Heads Photogrammetry & 3D Modelling: DIDA-LXR Laboratory, Didalabs System, Dipartimento di Architettura, University of Florence, Italy, by Giorgio Verdiani, Andrea Pasquali and Ylenia Ricci, 2018.


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