Essence of Nature

2021, Interactive Software

This work is created as a snapshot that deals with the merging of different elements in nature, creating new forms, and the evolution of these elements first into organic materials and then into life, their transformation into elements again, and the direct impact of man on this endless cycle.

The visitor interacts with a speculative media structure in which existence is embodied, in which they simultaneously determine the fiction of the work by interfering with the movement of nature.

It starts with a simple two-dimensional image. This phase is the symbolization of the existence of the universe consisting of vibrations (*String Theory). It describes a process in which the straight lines that define the data are transformed into geometric forms as they vibrate, and the visitor can change these forms.

The two-dimensional existence motifs are added on top of each other in the form of fractals and reach the third dimension. It describes the life and existence we perceive. It symbolizes the process of transformation of inorganic data into organic information, such as the formation of genetic information. The visitor interacts with a 3-dimensional and fluid topography.

It describes the combination of elements, the formation of complex 3-dimensional and organic structures, and the alchemy concept of 'creation of life from essence'.

In this section, the Monolith evolves from elemental structure to matter and turns into a physical structure. This stage is represented by particle structures whose colors vary, solidify, move and react with each other. Particle structures creates the “Essence of Living"


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