Gaiser since 2014. We’ve been touring and performing live with Gaiser all over the world since then. This epic adventure still continues.

Here are some words from Ahmet about the show:

“If you look at Gaiser’s music with a microscope, you will first see the organic life forms in it. The vibrations of the micro-biological organisms constitute the basic elements in Gaiser’s music.

As the performance begins with two live-performance artists, one visual and one auditory, pursuing each other like a DNA spiral, this pursuing either creates an infinite loop, or a constantly advancing bio-technological evolution..

This flow of information creates unanticipated micro-biological organisms with the help of the intersect between light and sound. It embeds an unknown, 2 hour long bio-digital experience in audience’s perception.

Every single performance induces a void in space and time and leads to a unique path, as though the story stays the same..”

Music: Jon Gaiser

Visual Concept & Performances: Ahmet Said Kaplan

Content Support:Mert Uzbaşlı

Video: Melih Kundakçıoğlu


19 Mayıs Mh. Yıldız Sk. STFA Blokları
No:19 Kadıköy, Istanbul

Lohmühlenstraße 65, 12435 Berlin

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