Machines Revive

2021, Public Light Installation

Light Design and Chreography, Spatial Sound, Lazer Mapping

“Gazhane Revives”

We created an immersive experience called "Machines Revives" for the opening of Gazhane Museum as recently brought to the arts and cultural life of the city with a new concept for 3 days.

The work turned into a 5.5 minutes long show in 4 different phases: 'The Machine Works Again', 'Gas Forms', 'The Journey of Gas' and 'Lights into the City' within the abstraction of both the resistance of @gazhanecevregonulluleri and the historical function of @muzegazhane. The show spreaded over an area of ​​1000 square meters by using Laser Mapping, Spatial Audio and immersive light choreography technologies, and offered participants an experience that expanded to the entire space.

As DECOL New Media Studio; We are very happy to contribute to bringing Gazhane Museum back to Istanbul and the cultural industry with our ‘Machines Revives’ project, in collaboration with Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality.

Special thanks to Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality KÜLTÜR A.Ş. Kültür İstanbul General Manager Murat Abbas and the crew, and Selin Tazalan, manager of Müze Gazhane for their support.

Design, Direction & Motion Graphics: DECOL New Media Studio
Lighting Design: Kayhan Koşar Move In Black
Lazer Mapping Support: 1ST_LASER
Motion Graphics Support: DECOL / Lichtpfad Studio
Sound Composition: Mehmet Ünal
Event Engineering: Phantom Event Engineering


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