MOMENT was designed as a living digital creature and artefact. Just as living things take the data around them and process them continuously and change the non-repeating nature every moment, the work is renewed and constantly evolving by changing itself without repeating itself. AN uses digital and analogue data as food and creates visual and auditory compositions.

MOMENT mirrors the movements of the person who visits it and defines it accordingly, takes on the colours of the environment, takes shape according to body forms, changes shape according to the sun's condition, follows cosmic time like all living things and transforms it into different audio-visual reactions. Besides all these analogue data, it also uses the data sources of the internet. Feeding on the Ethereum Blockchain data, one of today's essential data, and shaping its music and visual world accordingly, AN transforms our relationship with nature from a primitive plane to a refined and digital nature relationship that has evolved further.

Producer: Tilde Studio
Artists: Mehmet Ünal & DECOL
Project Management: Kerem Demirayak
Max Msp Programming: Riccardo Sellan
Sound Engineer: Alican Okan
Unreal Development: Çağrı Yücetürk (DECOL)
Music Composition: Cihangir Aslan
IoT Programming: Enes Toprak
Web App Development: Tunca Kent
Smart Contract Developer: Berkay Sağlam

Commissioned by Sompo Sigorta and curated by Lacivert Art

Thanks to Balkan Karışman, N. Cihan Çankaya & Minnoş


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